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Laser Resurfacing Specialist

Avicenna Medical Clinic

Aref Karbasi, MD

Primary Care Physician & Cosmetic Specialist located in Reseda, CA

Dr. Karbasi provides laser skin resurfacing treatments for patients from throughout Los Angeles, revealing smoother more youthful skin. Call us at Reseda, California practice, the Avicenna Medical Clinic, to learn how laser resurfacing can help give your skin a renewed appearance.

Laser Resurfacing Q&A

What is laser resurfacing?

Laser resurfacing is a specialized cosmetic procedure that uses lasers to treat minor facial flaws and improve the appearance of skin. This skin resurfacing procedure removes flawed or abnormal skin layer by layer by subjecting it to short, controlled bursts of light. Laser resurfacing is done using two types of lasers: ablative and non-ablative. Ablative, or wounding, lasers remove thin layers of skin. Non-ablative, or non-wounding, lasers work by stimulating collagen growth and tightening the skin underneath.

What are the advantages of laser resurfacing?

Laser resurfacing is beneficial in the treatment of acne scars, age spots, crow’s feet, droopy eyelids, scarring due to acne or chickenpox, skin damaged by the sun, and wrinkles. Most laser resurfacing treatments are quick outpatient treatments which require little to no downtime for recovery.

However, laser resurfacing is not for everyone. It’s important to have a consultation with Dr. Karbasi at the Avicenna Medical Clinic to determine whether this skin resurfacing procedure is right for you.

In general, good candidates for this technique have fine lines or wrinkles around the eyes, mouth or forehead, have acne scarring, or discoloration.

What will happen during my laser resurfacing procedure?

Before Dr. Karbasi performs this skin resurfacing technique, he will meet with you to discuss your expectations for the procedure in addition to performing a physical exam and reviewing your medical history. If he determines that this procedure is right for you, you will be given express instructions about how to prepare.

Both ablative and nonablative laser resurfacing can be conducted in your doctor’s office. The skin will be cleaned and numbed with anesthetics. Then your doctor will cover your eyes. Depending on the type of laser and the extent of the treatment area, these sessions may last anywhere from 15 minutes to two hours. Your doctor will provide instructions on how to care for your skin after treatment.


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