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IV Therapy Specialist

Avicenna Medical Clinic

Aref Karbasi, MD

Primary Care Physician & Cosmetic Specialist located in Reseda, CA

Dr. Karbasi of Avicenna Medical Clinic, located in Reseda, California, stands behind using state-of-the-art treatments such as IV therapy to help his Los Angeles-based patients to feel their best.

IV Therapy Q&A

What is IV therapy?

Also called infusion therapy or IV infusion therapy, IV therapy uses intravenous drips to administer solutions containing vitamins, minerals and other micronutrients directly to the bloodstream so they have the most direct route to the organs and other tissues. Most people do not get enough of vital micronutrients in their daily diets, leaving the body starved of the substances it needs to stay healthy and function normally. Plus, many nutrients that are consumed through food or supplements are partially or completely destroyed or altered through exposure to acids and enzymes during digestion. Many types of IV vitamin therapies are available to help men and women address specific issues and to provide the support necessary to enable the body to function normally and fight off disease. IV vitamin therapies can also be customized based on the needs of each patient, allowing for a high degree of “fine tuning” for optimal results.

What is IV hydration therapy?

With IV hydration therapy, a certain type or combination of fluids is delivered intravenously to treat a given medical condition. A patient receives maximum absorption into the body because the fluids are transported directly into the bloodstream.

Dr. Karbasi may utilize IV hydration therapy to address a range of ailments, such as helping athletes achieve maximum performance by bringing their electrolytes back into balance, to relieving morning sickness or the common cold. Some types of IV hydration therapy are also designed to promote a healthy lifestyle by infusing essential vitamins and nutrients for individuals who have nutritional deficits.

What is IV therapy used for?

IV therapy can be used for a wide array of purposes. Dr. Karbasi uses this therapy to alleviate symptoms of a hangover and to relieve headaches and migraines. He also uses this type of therapy for cosmetic purposes such as anti-aging and skin brightening. 

How is IV therapy performed?

Before therapy begins, a comprehensive medical exam is performed, including blood work to look for deficiencies that may be contributing to poor health. Then, a therapeutic program is developed based on the patient’s specific needs. The infusion treatment itself uses a small needle inserted into the arm to administer the solution to the blood vessels via a slow-drip mechanism that ensures the nutrients are delivered optimally. While a single session can provide some benefits, most patients achieve optimal benefits through a series of treatments.


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